Payment Options

We want to make doing business easy. We have several Installment Plan Options available to meet your needs.

In addition to paying your premiums with a check through the mail we offer a few convenient methods of electronic payments to meet your needs.

Online Payment

You can using a credit card or electronic check. You are not required to login to use this service, however, to ensure your payment is properly and promptly applied you must include your business name and policy number with your transaction.

Please note: Payments made with a credit card will have non-refundable transaction and processing fees applied. Payments received after the cancellation of a policy will not reinstate coverage.

Electronic Transfer

With our automatic payment option, you can pay your premiums without writing a check. Your payments are automatically deducted as they become due based on your invoices.

The amount withdrawn from your account will be any balance due on your most recent invoice. This may include estimated premium installments or premium due after you have reported your payroll. You'll receive an invoice several days before the withdrawal is to take place.

To get started, complete the Automatic Withdrawal Authorization Agreement and return it to us via:

Fax: 406-495-5020
Mail: Montana State Fund, Attn: Finance, P.O. Box 4759, Helena, MT, 59604-4759

Please note: If you would like to change or discontinue your electronic funds transfer agreement, please notify us in writing and we will accommodate your request.