Growing a Safer Montana

Middle School Safety Equipment Award

Montana State Fund, the state’s largest workers’ compensation insurance company, is committed to the safety of all Montanans. That is why we are investing in the future of our young workers. Right from the start, it’s important to create a culture where young workers know their rights, are encouraged to ask questions, and understand the importance of following safety rules.

Give your students an advantage on workplace safety by applying for a Montana State Fund Growing a Safer Montana safety equipment award. The award application is open to all Montana middle school construction trades (welding, carpentry, automotive tech) and industry classrooms.

What's included? Selected classrooms will be awarded $850 worth of personal protective equipment (PPE) for students. The PPE will be chosen by the recipients from an extensive list of PPE including, but not limited to, earmuffs, safety glasses, flame resistant clothing, welding helmets, and leather work gloves.

Who can apply? Montana middle school construction trades and industry teachers. (Multiple classes at one middle school are eligible. Each individual classroom and teacher must apply for their own award.)

Deadline: The application window will open in the spring.