Policy Options and Information

At Montana State Fund we know you are busy. That is why we want to make it easy for you to work with us.  We have various payment options, a number of programs that may help you lower your  premium and general information for you to better understand and manage your workers' compensation policy.

Optional Policy Programs

Lower your premium with the Medical Deductible Program. The Medical Deductible Program lowers your premium if you pay a portion of the medical costs (a deductible) of each claim filed in one policy year. You're responsible for the medical costs until the deductible amount is fulfilled. If you are interested in the program please contact a customer service specialist at 800-332-6102.

The Construction Industry Premium Credit Program. Qualifying construction industry policyholders can earn a premium credit for one fiscal year, by paying your workers 1.168 times (or more) of the state's average weekly wage. At least 50% of your policy's annual premium must be attributable to one or more applicable construction industry classification code.

Retrospective Rating. Retrospective rating is an optional rating program for large accounts that factors an insured's individual loss experience into the final premium.  It can be used only by mutual agreement between MSF and the insured.  If the insured's individual loss experience is favorable, net premium may be less.  Conversely, if the insured's individual loss experience is not favorable, net premium may be higher.

Group Plans. Montana State Fund offers convenient and cost-effective group plans.

Montana State Fund Ag Group

Premium Audit

It's not as scary as it sounds. A premium audit is a standard throughout the workers' compensation industry. It basically ensures that your premium payment is appropriate and accurate—no more or no less than required. In a premium audit, we examine your business operations, records, and account books. Each year we conduct premium audits on approximately 25% of our policyholders (some industries experience more frequent audits due to specific job hazards or payroll fluctuations).

For more details download the Audit Brochure

Changing Business Ownership

The ERM 14 form is published by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) and is used to report changes in ownership, mergers, consolidations or a combination of entities. Please follow these instructions to fill it out properly. If you have specific questions about completing the form, call your Customer Service Specialist at 800-332-6102, contact your insurance agent, or send us an email.

Montana State Fund
P.O. Box 4759
Helena, MT 59604-4759


Payment Options

In addition to paying your premiums with a check through the mail we offer a few convenient methods of electronic payments to meet your needs.

Pay Premium Online

You can make your premium payment Online by using a credit card or an electronic check.

You will not be required login to use this service.

There are non-refundable transaction and processing fees associated with Online payments made with a credit card.

To ensure that your payment is properly and promptly applied, you must include your business name and policy number with your transaction.

Also be aware that payments received after the cancellation of a policy will not reinstate coverage.

Electronic Transfer

No more envelopes, stamps or late payments. With our Electronic Funds Transfer option, you can pay your premiums without writing a check. Your payments are automatically deducted as they become due based on your invoices.

How much? The amount withdrawn from your account will be any balance due on your most recent invoice. This may include estimated premium installments or premium due after you have reported your payroll. You'll receive an invoice several days before the withdrawal is to take place.

Getting started. Download the Automatic Withdrawal Authorization Agreement, complete it, and send it to us, along with a voided check from the account from which you would like your premium withdrawn.

Montana State Fund
PO Box 4759
Helena, MT 59604-4759

Fax: 406-495-5020 (a printed or scanned copy of a voided check will suffice if you wish to fax the agreement)

Changed your mind? If you'd like to change or discontinue your electronic funds transfer agreement, please notify us in writing and we will accommodate your request.

About Payroll Reporting

A crucial step in the workers comp process. As a Montana State Fund policyholder, you may be required periodically to complete and submit a payroll report. The report details your payroll by classification code for a certain time period. Learn more by reading our current payroll instructions.

Report Your Payroll Online: If you have a user ID and password you can easily report Online. Simply go to the top of the page and Log In. If you need to sign up for a user ID and password fill out the Online policyholders data access request form, and follow the instructions.

Got a Log In?  Input your user ID and password at the top of the page. Once in follow the instructions on your screen and provide the requested information. Once the information is submitted, you will receive immediate confirmation that your form was successfully completed. If not, go to the Online Services tab and find out how you can get your unique username and password.

Learn more by reading our current payroll reporting instruction sheet.