About Payroll Reporting

A crucial step in the workers comp process. As a Montana State Fund policyholder, you may be required periodically to complete and submit a payroll report. The report details your payroll by classification code for a certain time period. Learn more by reading our current payroll instructions.

Report Your Payroll Online: If you have a user ID and password you can easily report Online. Simply go to the top of the page and Log In. If you need to sign up for a user ID and password fill out the Online policyholders data access request form, and follow the instructions.

Got a Log In?  Input your user ID and password at the top of the page. Once in follow the instructions on your screen and provide the requested information. Once the information is submitted, you will receive immediate confirmation that your form was successfully completed. If not, go to the Online Services tab and find out how you can get your unique username and password.

Learn more by reading our current payroll reporting instruction sheet.