Choosing a Medical Provider

Injured workers who need emergency care should always be taken to the nearest medical facility for immediate care. However, if the injury is not an emergency and you need to locate a qualified physician in the area call Montana State Fund at 800-332-6102.

You choose. You are allowed to choose your initial treating physician. This is the medical provider primarily responsible for treating your injury or occupational disease. However, by law, you do not have complete freedom of choice in medical providers.

Prior authorization. You must obtain prior authorization from MSF when:

  • You are referred to a consulting specialist.
  • You want to change your treating physician.
  • You have treatment for your injury or occupational disease after you have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI).
  • There has been no treatment for your injury or occupational disease for six months.
  • You seek specialized medical care or testing.

  • Preferred Provider List