Important Change to Coverages if You Work in Wyoming

Montana State Fund has recently been notified of a change with Extra-Territorial (ET) petitions in the state of Wyoming (WY), which allow your Montana workers compensation coverage to follow your work in WY.

Effective 2/1/19 WY will no longer authorize employers with the Construction industry classification to perform work in the state of Wyoming under the ET extension. Currently approved ETs will be honored through their expiration date. After that, WY requires individual company workers compensation registration.

Effective 2/1/19, employers will be required to have a current Workers’ Compensation registration on file with WY when requesting an ET extension. The employer will have 14 business days from time of request to complete the joint business registration before a determination will be made.

The WY registration can be completed online at

For further information please contact the State of Wyoming Department of Workforce Services at 307-235-3217.