Loss Run Access

Generate Loss Run Reports Any Time You Need Them

It's Simple

All it takes is logging into the password protected section of montanastatefund.com. To get your unique user ID and password, fill out the Online Data Access Form (Employers) (Agents) and send it back to Montana State Fund.


How to Access Reports

If you have a User ID & Password, just click on Online Tools, and then Online Data Access.

When to Access Reports

Information on individual policies or an entire agent account, is available Online 6am-7pm Monday - Friday and on weekends until 7pm.

We are offline for maintenance on the fourth Sunday of every month from 4pm-8pm and on the last working day of each month at 5pm for month-end maintenance.

If you have questions about our improved loss run, call your team's customer service specialist at 800-332-6102.