Montana State Fund Employees Recognize Safe Driving Month

October 17, 2011

Montana State Fund (MSF) employees won’t be dummies when it comes to wearing seat belts after viewing a safe driving exhibit on Wednesday, October 19. In an effort to promote and encourage a safe driving month campaign within the company, MSF’s Safety Committee is bringing the Montana Department of Transportation’s “Respect the Cage” campaign to their building on 855 Front Street.

The “Respect the Cage” campaign is a two part exhibit that graphically shows the consequences of not wearing seat belts. The first exhibit is the remnants of a vehicle involved in a rollover accident. The driver, who was buckled in survived, while the passenger who was not wearing a seat belt died. He was ejected from the car which rolled on top of him. Observers are welcome to sit inside the smashed up vehicle to see how roll cages and wearing a seat belt can keep them alive in the case of an accident.

The second exhibit is a rollover simulator. Here, two dummies (not people) are placed inside a vehicle simulator. One dummy is bucked in, the other is not. The simulator replicates a roll-over crash where the unbuckled dummy is ejected. This exhibit shows observers how easily an unbuckled passenger is ejected from a vehicle.

“At Montana State Fund we are constantly showing and teaching the benefits of workplace safety to Montana’s employers and employees; however, sometime we don’t emphasize it enough with our own employees,” said Peter Strauss, MSF Vice President of Operations Support and Safety Committee member. “This outstanding “Respect the Cage” exhibit really emphasizes the importance of safe driving to our own people. It does not matter if you’re driving for work, or on your own – its’ always important to buckle up. It matters to your loved ones.”

The demonstration will take place on Wednesday, October 19 from 11:00 to 1:00 pm at the Front Street and 15th, parking lot adjacent to Montana State Fund’s building. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend this free event.

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